Friday, December 21, 2007


It is hot here! I mean Georgia hot. The adventure continues. Don´t have a lot of time, and this keyboard is a pain in the ass, but we´ve moved to a hostel and are having a great time. We made some new friends - a British girl, a dutch guy, and a Kiwi. We had a good time hanging out with them at the hostel last night, and then Ron (our Dutch friend) came out with us for dinner. We managed to find a dance club and met some friendly Argentineans. We left at about 4;30 this morning, and they weren´t even closing yet! It was pretty crazy.

Yesterday we also went to an art museum, and today we went to the zoo, which was pretty cool. There were all sorts of small animals wandering around on the sidewalks! Gotta run - I´m gearing up to try to make a few phone calls in Spanish to make some reservations. Scary.

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Sara said...

Hey! I hope you guys are having a blast, we're all at BZ's house and missing you. Merry Christmas, I love you!