Thursday, December 27, 2007

On to the Atlantic...

Hola chicos! We arrived safe and sound in Trelew on Tuesday, at a little itty bitty airport. There was one gate, some tarmac, and that was about it. It looked a bit like ABQ - dry and flat and scrubby. We stayed at a hotel in town, went out, walked around. Trelew is pretty small, but it was nice. The museum of paleontology was amazing! We spent about half of the next day there. It was small as well, but it was a working museum and you could see into the lab through a big window. They also had some awesome fossils. After we left the museum, we went shopping for a bit and found an artisan market that had nice handmade wool products. The artists were working in the shop, so it was nice - not commercial like most of the shopping we´ve seen so far. We were going to continue shopping, but everything closed. I mean everything. Around here, shops take a siesta from about 1:00 to 4:00, sometimes a little later. So, we hopped on a bus to Puerto Madryn. On the bus we sat across from a man and his 8 year old son. The man started talking to me (we were sitting beside each other across the aisle) by pointing out that his son was staring. He was nice, and we actually managed to have a conversation for a while. Eventually, out of the blue, he asked how people in the U.S. paid for things (like with cash, cards, etc.), which I thought was quite odd. It kind of stopped the conversation, since it took me a while to figure out what he was asking, and it was a little weird.

For the past day and a half, we´ve been lounging around - I´ll let Ryan tell you about Puerto Madryn. Tomorrow, we´re driving (yep, driving) to Punta Lombo, which is supposed to be the world capital of Magellenic Penguins - and they´re breeding now - I´m really excited! I´ll also let Ryan tell you what we´re doing after that...

Love you guys,

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