Tuesday, December 25, 2007

La Navidad en los Aeropuertos

Hola familia y amigos! Ryan y yo estamos en el aeropuerto, esperando para la vuelo. We´re going to spend most of the day in an airport or on a plane :) We went to see the falls yesterday, and they were amazing. I can´t even describe it in words. Hopefully the pictures come out. We rode in a boat under the water and got soaked, and then wandered around the park getting sunburnt. Ryan saw a toucan! The falls are in the middle of a subtropical jungle, so there were lots of little creatures running around.

We got back just in time for a little swim and a huge deluge that lasted all evening. They had a big show last night - dinner was an Argentenian asado (BBQ), and then there was a tango show that was muy impressive. After that, they had a Brazilian dance show. I actually felt a little like I was at some cheesy resort when they started dragging people out on the floor to dance and participate in skits. The pictures are a riot - it was kind of like being at a strip club, actually! We met a bunch of cool Aussies and Brits last night and stayed up talking politics and literature (and partying) pretty late. Now we´re on our way to Peninsula Valdez, hopefully in time to see the whales. We´re going to lounge around there for a while on the beach, and also check out the Paleontology Museum in Trelew - you should read about it and see if there´s anything cool there, Hannah.

Gotta run to catch the plane - missing everyone bunches today - Merry Christmas!

Aura (and Ryan)


Jen said...

Hey guys! Found your blog, and wanted you to know you were missed yesterday! It was pretty low-key as far as our families go, but lots of good food as always. Hope you're enjoying yourselves immensely, can't wait to see some photos!

Merry Christmas, and have a fun New Year, too!

Sandra said...

Hey you two,
PLEASE don't stop blogging! This is so great. We get to know where you are and what you're doing and lots of things you probably would forget (or not remember) to tell when you get back.
We missed you badly on Tuesday. The morning video wasn't the same. We had a nice gathering with all the regular crew and David from Purple Mountain, who didn't have anywhere else he wanted to go.
Send us some pictures when you can and keep posting!
I live you both,
Mom Sandra