Sunday, December 23, 2007

And a river of beer ran through it.

So yesterday we got a late start...or that is to say, I got a late start around noon. We spent the early afternoon taking care of erands and be escorted by little, old ladies who told us that ¨The Boosh¨ was ruining the world with the war. We ate lunch for about $15 pesos a piece and were overcharged $10 pesos (which I suppose was the ¨you don´t speak the language¨ tax).

I the early evening, we took the Subte down town to Recolta, which had a tapas resturante that Aura was very excited about. We made the subte ride with little trouble, but the tapas resturante was a bit harder to find. It was the only even numbered place on the odd side of the street. And just when we thought we would be eating good food at low prices...we read the sign on the window, which in formed us that ¨tancat¨ had closed that morning for remodeling. Well, you can´t win them all, so we trugged on.

We jumped back on the subte and made it to the neighborhood of ¨Deep Blue,¨ which is the name of the place where the cool kids hang out an shoot pool. We decided to get diner first, and walked about 14 blocks, passing the same place three times, before we settled on a decent place. Dinner was okay, but pool was the focus of this mission.

We made it to Deep Blue around 12:30, so it was still early by Buenos Aires standards. We got a table and polished off a rack or two (as well as a cerveza o dos). Around that time we spotted the private tables with their private beer taps we had heard about.

I was impressed, but Aura was like a kid in a candy store...on Christmas. We ditched the pool table in favor of the beer tap, which was metered with a 2 liter minimum (which is just a bit more than 4 pints). At this point, I realized we had found Aura´s little piece of heaven, and a river of beer ran through it. We hung out and talked a bit past 03:00. On the cab ride home, the cabby was nice enough to point out that we were turning in early for such young folk. We gave him a nice tip for the ¨Castillano¨ practice (pronounced cast-tee-jawn-o).

Today, we walked into the airport, stood in line, and caught a flight to Iquazu. There is an accent in there somplace, I think over the u, but I´m not sure. We´re living large on small dolars right now.

That´s all for this installment, but remember...if you want to hear more you have to comment!

I love and miss all of you!

Ryan (a.k.a ¨el coostar¨).


mom0ktdid said...

This is cool! I didn't know you had a is fun to keep up with you on here! It sounds like you are having a great time, and from someone that doesn't talk to you much....glad to see Ryan still in the picture! Yay for you guys!
Have a great Christmas!

Gypsy said...

Merry Christmas, Aura and Ryan. I hope you guys are continuing to have a blast. Keep writing those blogs....