Friday, October 9, 2009

Unexpected Bed Guest...

Well, no pictures. Sorry! The trips to town are really short, so I don't think you guys are going to get pictures until I leave for good or for a few days. I don't want to spend my one day off a week in La Fortuna - it's kind of touristy. Anyway, things are going really well here otherwise. On my day off, I did laundry, hiked to a small waterfall, and then in the afternoon I took a couple of horses out and rode to the Mirador overlook with another volunteer. It was amazing. The weather got bright and sunny for us, and you could see the lake, the volcano, the farm - everything. We took our time and cantered all the way home. It totally made my day. Afterwards, I rode to La Fortuna to pick up some supplies, which was a long bumpy trip for just a half hour in town. I think I'll avoid that run in the future. I went to bed kind of early because I did so much during the day!

Yesterday, I worked in the garden for a while and then helped out with some website issues in the afternoon, which was nice. Then I hung out with some of the garden guys after dinner for a while, and tried to practice listening to very fast Spanish speaking. I had a really good night last night, actually, talking with one of the guys for while about life, etc . When I went to bed, I thought I heard something moving above my head, like an animal or something, but I looked around and listened for a while and didn't hear any more, so I went to bed. About 4 this morning, I felt something beside my head, and I jumped out of bed and scrambled for a light. When I got it on (I was still half asleep), all I could see was a little black blob. It was some kind of animal that had webbing between it's front legs and it's body, little pointy ears, and no hair. I had no clue what it was, but I was scared it might be dangerous! I took a picture of it, at which point it started running all over my bed in big, crazy circles! Every time it would get to the edge, it would turn around, so a deduced that it couldn't jump or fly. When it finally stopped, I threw a towel over it, carried it onto the balcony, ran back inside, and shut the door! I couldn't really sleep after that - I was afraid there might be more of them! Well, it turns out it was a baby bat. I thought it might be a bat, but it was small, hairless, and didn't fly, so I wasn't sure. My roommates were freaking out at first when I described it, because they thought it might have been a rat. Everyone got a good laugh out of it at breakfast, and about 3 people have been calling me a vampire all day. It was pretty ridiculous. The thing was kind of cute, actually :)

I'm still having various guy problems, but I think this is a bit of a public forum for airing all of those details! I have to have another 'talk' tonight, I think. Geez. Everything else is good. Did I mention yet that we have rice and beans at every meal? I'm learning to like rice and beans :) We usually have a few other things with them, salad and meat at lunch and dinner, so it's okay. It's pretty good for working actually, because it's filling, but it's a little hard to eat at breakfast. Rice, beans, cheese, and bread is a typical breakfast. We have granola every now and then. Interesting diet...but it's no big deal. I'm usually so hungry that I could eat anything. Maybe I'll lose a few pounds ;)

Hope everyone is doing well! I'll try to Skype one night from here...



Hannah said...

hey girl! glad everything is going well. wish i had gotten to talk to you, but i know how that goes. we're missing you this weekend! mimi had a little spell on wednesday, but she's been getting better over the past few days. i'm still trying to chug away at grad school app stuff. doing good besides that.. :) love you and miss you! call when you can, i'll be home by sunday. love, hannah

Gypsy said...

Hey Aura - I check your blog every day for an update. I hope you continue to have a great year and I miss you tons. Meg

Anonymous said...

Hey Aura,
Wow, I would have been scared sh*t if that happened to me! I'm afraid of just a simple little spider :)


Carrie said...

a baby bat?!?!?!?!?! EEK!