Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well, there's not much new here, but I figured it was about time for an update. I've been working in the compost, with a couple of breaks to work on the website for the ranch. Check out the photo gallery on Thursday - I've been updating it and the new stuff will probably go up on Thursday or Friday. Tomorrow is my day off, so I'm chilling with a beer right now. I was thinking about going to Fortuna tonight, but it's a bit of a pain, so I might just hang out here. Tomorrow, I'm going to chill, maybe go horseback riding, and watch Costa Rica play the US in soccer. I'm excited to sleep in and order breakfast off the menu!

I definitely need more clothes than I brought! Mine are getting filthy and wet, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. I did a really good job of paring down my clothing before I left, and now I wish I had brought a few more things. It's been raining a lot, but it's kind of like New Mexico. It will rain for 2 hours, then be sunny and hot, the rain again...and so on.

I'm extremely happy! I really like it here - I like the people and the work, and I'm really content. I've got a good rhythm going on. My Spanish is getting quite good too. I think I'm going to leave at the end of the month, but I think I'm going to come back here, probably after I go up towards Guatemala and back. So, if anyone is interested in checking this place out, I think I'll be back here, either in December or January for a couple more weeks. I need to talk to the boss and see if that's okay. I'll try to narrow it down a little more soon :)

Hope everyone is well!


Billy said...

Hiya, great to hear from you! A day off sounds nice and can't wait to see the updated website and pics! We'll have skype on tonight in hopes that you can log on - love you and can't wait to talk soon!

Sara said...

Hey -- missed you a lot this weekend, but I'm glad you know you are having a good time. I hope we can talk on skype soon, I chatted with Pop for a few minutes tonight and it was the first time I've used it, but everything seemed to work fine. Love you, hopefully we can talk soon!

Anonymous said...

hey girl, so maybe a december vacation for me...farming renevous for us? i heard the tickets were cheap... I love you and miss you. Keep on having FUN!

Nicole said...

Hey lady!!! I am going to try and see if this works. I miss you so much and I am glad you are doing well. I love hearing about all your adventures and so excited that you got to see the top of the volcano. Pretty neat huh? can you hear the poof, poof:) Well I love you!! I don't want to write to much and it not post:)

Nicole said...

Yeah it worked!!! I just needed to get a gmail account. So...now I can talk from here on out. So the newest news is we are going to kansas on the 7th to pick out a puppy:) we will be bringing the little one home after Christmas. Carissa has her wedding this weekend so jared is flying in tomorrow and the family coming in later that night. Jason isn't coming for some reason. I guess he is doing well though. I know he had a good time in Moab. Wedding plans are going well and I am getting excited to come home during Thanksgiving. The parents are going to meet:) should be fun. well I love you again, did I tell you that already:) have a wonderful day! Wondering about the boy situation...they love american girls anywhere outside our country so be careful but enjoy being flattered and pampered too:) in the there own costa way:) I will be in touch. I have to figure out skpe too. I have a mac so nate and I should be able to talk. Muah! xoxox